OceanSpring is a Group of independent Companies commonly related, established with specific objects and mandates. OceanSpring Networks and Services (RC2028322) established in 2007 provide the information technology and infrastructure upon which our group-wide services are built and delivered.

OceanSpring International Limited (RC762780) was established in 2008 to anchor our early business development efforts, trademarks and proprietary interests. OceanSpring Promotions and Leverage Consulting (RC2761855) was established in 2019 as the professional firm providing public relations and information systems development services. OceanSpring Transnational Limited (RC1790989) established 2021, seeks to consolidate our achievements and bring our capabilities to bear for wider pan-African global opportunities.

OceanSpring (Development and Marketing Communications) Consulting serves as the flagship and window through which some of our activities are declassified without a breach of confidentiality and non disclosure agreements.