WACSOF In Nigeria Programme Concept Note 

Wednesday 28th September, 2022

Abuja Nigeria


The WACSOF In Nigeria (WIN) Programme is an affirmative initiative designed to empower 500 WACSOF Nigeria members and enhance their capacity for engagement, compliance and fundraising. The four (4) component programme is designed for implementation in three (3) phases over the next fifteen (15) months (October 2022 to December 2023). It is 100% compliant with all relevant sustainability reporting standards in force in Nigeria, and adopts a resourceful environmental, social and governance risk management framework.



To upgrade skills and confidence for compliance and fundraising engagement.



  1. Recruitment tool for expansion of WACSOF-NG accredited membership base targeting 500 registered civil society associations/organisations with resilience for absorbing excess subscription requests.
  2. Proposed monthly training calendar broken into three (3) sessions over 3 days, clustered around contemporary management, compliance regimes, and sustainable fundraising respectively.
  3. Proposed quarterly headline meeting for sensitization and advocacy workshop for members and other stakeholders, learning framework reporting on training programme, and structured networking opportunities.
  4. Marketplace for mentoring, professional support services, structured engagement and business development opportunities for beneficiaries.